About Us

About Us

Traveling, exploring cultures and a flair for finding the finest quality crafts. Welcome to our world…. 

Geoartisans.com is a young and dynamic company with extensive experience in international trade and business development across five continents. Our company was incorporated in 2003 with its Head Office in New York, USA. 

Geoartisans strives to create and stimulate awareness among the public for the preservation and respect of cultural tradition and skills passed from generation to generation. 

Our organization specializes in actively promoting and marketing original and handmade products from around the world. We provide a platform to showcase their distinctive traditional craftsmanship as well as their cultural heritages. 

Geoartisans works in close cooperation with small businesses, artisans as well as governmental agencies, NGOs, cooperatives and local trade associations. Our teams of experts conduct extensive research on a country’s specific history, culture and environment in order to highlight its specialties.


166 West 107th Street, Suite 5A

New York, NY 10025



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