Cap Mundo Coffee Dameba Nespresso Compatible Coffee capsules

Cap Mundo Decaffeinated Coffee Dameba Coffee capsules/pods - Intensity: 2/5

$ 5.90

Savoury & Fruity. Suave.

Grown in a naturally shaded location on the volcanic soils of Central America, this great Arabica is decaffeinated using a solvent-free process to guarantee optimal preservation of its aromatic richness. This original recipe will appeal with its subtlety, elegance and enchanting notes of honey, crystallised fruits and chocolate.
  • Intensity: 2/5
  • Decaffeinated
  • Espresso: 40ml-1.35oz
  • 10 pods per bag
  • Roasted and packaged in France.
  • Compatible with Nespresso Nespresso OriginalLine machines

About Cap Mundo: 

Cap’Mundo, an artisan coffee roaster: traditional separate and slow roasting, five exclusive recipes (including one organic blend) crafted by our artisan coffee experts, and perfectly compatible capsules for a lower price. Available only from delicatessens and coffee roasters. Our guiding aim is to produce the best possible coffee capsule, by means of careful control over the sourcing of green coffees, blending techniques and the creation of sensorial profiles during roasting to create a range tailored to your expectations.  


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